India offers you everything you could ever want in a shooting location. Bordered by the majestic Himalayas in the North, edged by a spectacular coastline to the East and West and beautiful beaches in the South, India offers a vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes and magnificent historical sites; with cities whose architectural intricacies recalls royal grandeur, as well as golden beaches, misty mountain retreats, colorful people, rich heritage and grand festivities.

India is the ideal shooting location all-year round. During the non-monsoon period from September to May, outdoor locations for exterior shooting are breathaking; and during the monsoon season of June to August, our top-of-the-line studios and art-directors make indoor shoots convenient. The diversity of climates and landscapes offer the possibility of enjoying three seasons during the same period within the country. You can shoot a sunny beach and the palaces of Rajasthan, even as Mumbai is wet and rainy in the monsoon.

You don’t have to worry about locations when it comes to shooting in India. Studio sets that we construct here can depict almost anything – a street in London, a British-styled kitchen, old palaces, or even the New York stock exchange! Our skilful art-directors and their team of artisans can make the impossible come to life through innovative solutions inspired by years of experience. Needless to say, many of our art-director friends have worked internationally to much acclaim.

We are constantly exploring rare and virgin locations across the country to add that special something to your script.

Pls feel free to write your query to us. 

At Method, we have collaborated with the best agencies and casting-directors in India. A fair number of International Model Agencies have also entered the Indian market recently. Our team has built up an impressive profile, casting for India as well as internationally.

We will assign to you a team of casting professionals who will ensure you obtain the best talent that fits your requirements. Feel free to shoot us a mail and we will upload reference pictures of cast as per your requirement.

With access to a huge bank of Indian Talent, Line Production India is sure to meet any casting need that you care to dream up.

We can proudly state that we are equipped with the latest technology available anywhere in the world. Let us know your requirements and we will have it ready for your shoot. Whether your needs specify a very small basic light or the 18K HMI Fresnel, we have it all. Motion Control, Canon 5D or the Phantom Camera range, we are able to source the technology you need for your shoot to be a success and your vision to win awards.

We have certified Kodak and Fuji Labs along with trained and meticulous technicians to handle your negatives and other processing needs. These Studios produce around a hundred Movies and over five hundred TVCs (Televison Commercials) every year! Needless to say our team of hard-working professionals make sure your projects meet deadlines.

Also, we get you the most unbelievable deals with these studios. Pls mail us your specific requirements and budget, and we will tailor the best possible solutions for you.

When it comes to shooting in India with our team, this is yet another thing that you don’t need to worry about.

Although it’s not an easy process to streamline permissions here, our team will do the necessary legwork and paperwork to obtain the permissions required for filming at a particular location. Obtaining clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs and from various ancilliary bodies such as the Archaeological Survey of India (in order to shoot at old monuments), animal permissions, customs clearance, visas, insurance or any permission that is required to shoot at any location in India – we will have it covered for you.

Transportation in India is multi-modal, comprising of rail, road, coastal shipping, air and quite a few more. Over the years the network and its efficiency has grown substantially. All cities and villages in India are well connected. Sky-scraping mountain peaks, heart of dense jungles, towering waterfalls or winding roads in the Himalayas – nothing is inaccessible for a shoot! We can gain access to shoot anywhere you prefer, assisted by a super-efficient logistic team handling the crew and equipment.

We offer you the best post-production studios in India, equipped with the latest technology and the most talented and experienced artists from all over the world. These Studios produce around a hundred Movies and over five hundred Television Commercials every year! Needless to say our team of hard-working professionals make sure your projects meet deadlines.